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in the very same room. today we can thank rosa parks for making it happen. just take a look at this live picture as we speak, a dedication ceremony is getting under way in the u.s. capitol. it's for a statue honoring the won who refused to give up her seat on a city bus in alabama circa 1955. the nation's first african-american president is due to speak in about 40 minutes and you're going to hear from him live right here on cnn and you can follow the ceremony start to finish on cnn.com. all the dignitaries filing into the capitaocapitol. by the werek it will be a houseful with congressional leaders who will join the president. this is a big deal too. while there are many statues in the capitol there are almost none that are a congressional effort so to speak. many private funds feature statues. this is something congress has done for one of the most important women in american history. >>> but we're going to start with multitudes staying good-bye to a pope. he gives up and resigns the leadership of the roman catholic church. this last hurrah of the benedict, it comes -- benedict xvi com
at the unveiling of a statue of civil rights pioneer rosa parks, the first of an african-american woman to stand in the capitol statuary hall. parks became an icon in 1955 after refusing to vacate her seat to a white passenger on a bus in montgomery, alabama. that act of defiance resulted in her arrest and a bus boycott led by a pastor named martin luther king. not far from the capital the supreme court is hearing arguments on a key provision on whether the 1965 voting acts law has outlived its productivity it is considered one of the most effective and powerful civil rights statutes in american history. in the high court bulls eye is section five which requires nine states with a history of discrimination to clear any proposed change in voting rules with the federal government. it also partially covers districts in seven other states. the act was reauthorized in 2006. democrats from the hill held a news conference late this morning on the steps of the court to call for section five to be upheld. >> we still need section five and that is why we're here today standing up for the voting rights of
declares the house next to the the statue of rosa parks is being unveiled. house speaker john boehner among the speakers. it's been under way for a few minutes. live coverage here on c-span. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, the assistant democratic leader of the united states house of representatives, the honorable james clyburn. [applause] >> thank you. thank you. mr. president, speaker boehner, leader pelosi, leaders reid and mcconnell, friends and colleagues, ladies and gentlemen, this is a good time and a great place to honor the most honorable woman. this year marks the 150th anniversary of the signing of the emancipation proclamation which jump-started a march to freedom for many who while in servitude built this great edifice. this year is also the 50th anniversary of the march on washington. our quest for human dignity. rosa parks, the first lady of civil rights, the mother of the movement, the saint of an endless struggle, however one wishes to refer to her, this statue, forever ordains rosa parks as an icon of our nation's struggles to live out its declaration that we are all c
, to statuary hall in the u.s. capitol building. a statue of rosa parks unveiled today. here are the president's remarks. >> distinguished guests who are gathered here today. this morning we celebrate a seamstress, slight in stature, but mighty in courage. she defied the odds and she defied injustice. she lived a live of activism but also a life of dignity and grace. and in a single moment, with the simplest of gestures, she helped change america and changed the world. rosa parks held no elect office. she poe test -- possessed no fortune. she lived her life far from the formal seats of power. and yet today she takes her rightful place among those who have shaped this nation's course. i thank all those persons in particular, the members of the congressional black caucus both past and present, for making this moment possible. [applause] a childhood friend once said about miss parks, nobody ever bossed rosa around and got away with it. that's what an alabama driver learned on december 1st, 1955. 12 years earlier he had kicked mrs. parks off his bus simply because she entered through the front doo
by these cut sgls while they're bickering in washington, here in santa rosa there's a lot of talk about how to keep these planes flying safely with nobody in the tower. >> if congress can't stave off the mandatory cuts, the f aa announced it's going to cut air traffic control to many regional airports across the country and that could mean planes would fly in and out of santa rosa without any tower pers knoll to guide them. >> how do they operate without a tower. >> well, there's a lot of guidelines about how you land a plane, how to take off a plane different landings different approaches. >> officials say the airport brings in an estimated $112 million economic impact to santa rosa and the surrounding community so the sequestered could leave a sfwlashg 13 14,000 employees could lose their job then we'd lose about $60,000 a year in to the federal government for part of the facilities we rent. >> they are worried alaska airlines might worry that the no-tower sun safe and pair bark on the number of flights here. that's the last thing the county needs. >> a lot of people in sonoma county use
th birthday of our dear sister rosa parks. as our country continues to celebrate the beginning and as our country continues to celebrate the beginning of the second term of our great president, president barack obama. now, it's easy to take for granted the progress that we've made as a country because we are forever looking to solve today's problems and as we continue to meet tomorrow's challenges as we shape our future. but what it is, it's definitely worthwhile to take a look back at the great works of our predecessor and the brave men and women who have paved the way for progress that we enjoy here in the 21st century. and if you look around, many of those men and women are right here with us in the rotunda today. we remember the people who braved police dogs and fire hoses turned against them by their own government officials in the south, people who believed that an idea -- believed in an idea that we're all created equal and that we're willing to risk and that we're willing to risk their life in the purchase soul of a lofty promise in america. today we celebrate black his
that civil rights icon rosa parks has taken her rightful place among those who have shaped the course of american history. the president and congressional leaders unveiled a statue at the capitol this morning, which portrays parks wearing a hat and clutching a purse. she refused to give up her seat to a white man on a bus. she was given a statue in stat statuary hall. >> when we come back i will tell you who is living through history right now, many cities, this is the dryest going to a year we have ever had. i will let you know about that and when the rain is coming back. >> plus, pope benedict's final farewell, what he tell the faithful during the last public appearance before stepping >> walnut creek, campbell, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> not first time since the middle ages, a pope is choosing to say good by, pope benedict xvi bid final public farewell to the followers this morning after the vatican. tens of thousands packed st. support's square as he took the final ride in the popemobile receiving a long-standing ovation and drove through the square in his popemob
having them. >> president obama says that civil rights icon rosa parks has taken her rightful place among those who have shaped the course of american history. the president and congressional leaders unveiled a statue at the capitol this morning, which portrays parks wearing a hat and clutching a purse. she refused to give up her seat to a white man on a bus. she was given a statue in stat statuary hall. >> when we come back i will tell you who is living through history right now, many cities, this is the dryest going to a year we have ever had. i will let you know about that and when the rain is coming back. >> plus, pope benedict's final farewell, what he tell the faithful during the last public appearance before stepping >> walnut creek, campbell, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> not first time since the middle ages, a pope is choosing to say good by, pope benedict xvi bid final public farewell to the followers this morning after the vatican. tens of thousands packed st. support's square as he took the final ride in the popemobile receiving a long-standing ovation and drove
, you called it exactly. what if it gets to be 70. >> it was. santa rosa and napa hit 70. today will still be very good. a lot of high clouds will come in. yesterday was sunny side up. temperatures really rocking it up. today we'll start off clear. it will get a lot of high clouds in here. 60s to near 70s. especially toward santa clara valley. here is sal. >>> looking at highway 24 it's a nice looking drive. driving from walnut creek to the tunnel with no major problems driving through. also this morning we are looking at northbound 280 in san jose. that is a nice looking drive as you drive through. 5:00 let's go back to the desk. >>> we continue with breaking news we first reported at 4:30. if you haven't seen it incredible video of a water main break. it's causing sewage to back up near san francisco state university. dozens of homes and cars are flooded. ktvu claudine wong is near the stones town galleria mall with more amazing peck curs. claudine, i have never seen so much water around cars. >> unbelievable mess. resident some of them in tears over the mess that is left behi
they are going to do that. it's amazing at the rosa parks statue unveiling. here you have republicans and democrats talking about rosa marks and fighting for the right to vote and just across the street you have the supreme security court hearing this case. many are fearful they are going to absolutely do that and we saw the voter suppression last year. the vra stopped voter i.d. taxes in texas. this is a huge issue that cannot be ignored. >> we saw the head of the naacp weighing in there outside of the courthouse. how is he responding to the case that some folks are making that it's a hold-over from the civil rights era and it's not necessary? >> here's the deal. look at last year. look at what happened when efforts were made to stop sunday voting, when you look at the changing of voting hours also in florida. all of those were efforts put in place by republican legislators after 2008. nobody can desicide that. and so, look, you can say we're not targeting any race but we know exactly what the purpose was. suzanne, one of the reasons why you saw significant black turnout in ohio and
unveiling a stature honoring rosa parks. well i would be happy to give them a history refer herb but i think julian bond is probably better suited to the task. the former chairman of the naacp joins me here after the break. rich, chewy caramel rolled up in smooth milk chocolate. don't forget about that payroll meeting. rolo.get your smooth on. also in minis. (vo) it's a vanguard world premiere event. >> go ahead! (vo) current's award winning original series is back, with a world premiere episode. it's a pretty, little town, with an ugly reputation. >> you just google harrison, what will come up is the klan. i'm all for that. >> the kkk doesn't speak for us at all. it speaks against god. (vo) which side will win the soul of harrison? >> we're never gonna move. ♪ >> michael: today marks an historic day in our nation's history, as rosa park's statute made it's a debut in the capitol building. the plt and members of congress unveiled the statute. she is the first african american to be honored with a full length rendering. it is certainly a proud moment for america, but toda
of warmer weather; the life of pianist van cliburn and honoring civil rights pioneer rosa parks. but first, with the other news of the day. here's hari sreenivasan. >> sreenivasan: housing is heating up and it's taking wall street with it. the national association of realtors reported today that january contracts for home sales hit the highest level in more than two years. the stock market reacted with a sharp rally. the dow jones industrial average gained 175 points to close at 14,075. it's up nearly 300 points in two days. the nasdaq rose 32 points today to close at 3,162. the latest nuclear negotiations with iran ended today with talk of concessions by the west and an upbeat appraisal from tehran. margaret warner has our report. >> warner: the two days of talks, in almaty, kazakhstan, ended with no breakthrough only an agreement for more talks in march and april. but there was something new: the u.s. and five negotiating partners reportedly offered to ease some economic sanctions. iran's principal negotiator, saeed jalili, called it a turning point. >> ( translated ): some of the issues
but because the air is so dry frost is having a hard time forming and santa rosa at 34 in novato and 39 in concord and fremont, and 41 in san jose, and hayward and oakland and san carlos and 48 in downtown san francisco. as we head to the afternoon, more clouds, still sunshine and mild temperatures, low-to-upper 60's and mid-to-upper 60's inland and mid-60's around the coast. >> crowded on the east shore freeway from richmond to berkeley, past university avenue, it is more crowd but moving nicely moving to the macarthur maze. elsewhere, we have this eastbound 580 at greenville, road work until 11:00 this morning, three right lanes are blocked eastbound and you are seeing slowing westbound in the commute direction moving up and over the altamont pass into livermore. and the mass transit, everyone is off and running and on schedule. >> we continue with breaking news from san francisco where a water main has closed off part of a west portal neighborhood, the break has, anyway. this is near the scene at 15th avenue the water has mostly drained away but what a muddy mess that remains, right,
. kpix5's joe vas quiz vasquez. >> here in santa rosa, the bigger concern seems to be, how are they going to keep these planes flying safely without anyone in the tower? if congress can't stave off the mandatory cuts, the faa announced it's going to cut air traffic control to many regional airports across the country, including the sai know ma county airport and that would mean planes would fly in and out without any tower personnel to guide them. >> how do they operate without a tower? >> there are a lot of guidelines. different elevations, so they all have to have flight paths. >> airport brings in an estimated $112 million economic impact to santa rosa and the surrounding community. so the sequester could leave a mark. >> 13 to 14 employees would lose their job and then we'd lose about $65,000 a year in rent to the federal government for part of the facilities that we rent. >> airport officials say they are worried that alaska airlines might worry that the no tower scenario is unsafe and the airline could decide to pair back on the number of flights here. that's the
is 43 and gilroy is 33. santa rosa is 34 and napa is 36 and north bay at petaluma is 32. sausalito is 42 degrees. the highs today are close to yesterday, maybe a touch cooler. a lot of the mid-to-upper 60's down in the south bay and santa clara valley at 67 in san jose. in the peninsula, we drop to 61 in millbrae and half moon bay is the warm spot. daly city in the upper 50's and near 60 downtown in south san francisco. north bay, mid-to-upper 60's in your valley but notice the benches, upper 50's and headed to the east bay shore, oakland, 65 degrees with berkeley, richmond, and everyone else is 64. temperatures in the mid-to-upper 60's with livermore at 68. tonight, the temperatures have more cloud cover and we are in the upper 30's to low 40's and in the low-to-upper 40's around the bay and to the coast. thursday we have more cloud cover but that is the warm air coming in and you can see friday is still the warmest day with let to mid 70's away from the coast and sprinkles are possible in the north bay on saturday night and sunday with snow showers at the same time in the sierra. have
of clouds. temperatures, again, 29 fairfield. napa's 32. santa rosa is 32. outside of sonoma, 32. near sonoma and kenwood, 29. 30s, livermore is in there. brentwood is 39. antioch, 34. walnut creek, 36. 30s for concord. also near half moon bay, i've seen a lot of 30s. el granada, pescadero. near the half moon bay airport, i saw 37. still that easterly breeze or northerly breeze. most locations say calm, it's there. take a look at one heck of a system, continues to churn and slowly, slowly tro dues a lot of snow -- produce a lot of snow here. it's drifting to the northeast. any travel plans for the great lakes will probably be delayed. a lot of tropical clouds. so mostly sunny to start. partly cloudy later on. it will be nice. but a little cooler to the north bay with the addition of those clouds. 60s, 70s for some. temperatures are above average here, especially inland. they are pretty close to inland this time of year for the coast and also in san francisco. but temperatures will continue to be mild to warmer on friday. then -- i think we go partly to mostly cloudy on friday. with tro
not be honoring martin luther king if not for rosa parks. rosa parks made martin luther king possible. (applause) >> and i believe that those four students in greensboro also made the accomplishments that we he attribute to martin luther king as a symbol of the movement. martin luther king understood that many of the things that we attribute to him would not have been possible without the grassroots of the struggle. and that brings me back to the book that i've written about the last 50 years. when i was a teenager, a 19 year old, i went to the march on washington. and right before going, i met some of these young activists who are associated with the student nonviolent coordinating committee. i must say that that affected the way in which i viewed the march. like everyone else, i wanted to see what martin luther king's concluding speech would be. but i was also interested in the speech of john lewis who was the chair of the student nonviolent coordinating committee. just days before the march, i had met one of the snick activists at a conference. his name was stokely car michael. and from that
. theashington today, president was unveiling a statue of rosa parks. she became famous in 1965 for free -- for refusing to give up her seat to a white man on a bus. it led to a boycott that lasted for over a year. and talking about her final hours, describing this model -- the model girlfriend of a model citizen. >> in the weeks before she died, she was living in a suburb of johannesburg with her close friend. she showed me her bedroom and spoke of the family's grief. >> i think because she was living here, he feels like he could not protect her, her dad. you look back and you say, why didn't we say, come home? byinstead, she was shot dead the man she had been dating for about three months come oscar pistorius. he used to come to the house here to pick her up. what happened that night? >> we just all want to know the truth. i think that is everyone in the world now. happy?you think she was >> i did. hernd happy in relationship? >> yes. >> what do you think the truth is? >> i do not want to comment on that. >> he will wait for the trial? >> i will wait for the trial. >> but the trial is
: all the goes them and all of you. thank you. >>> well, a special honor for rosa parks. she got recognition in washington today. at the same time the legislation that guaranteed rosa parks the right to vote got a strong challenge as one website put it -- 1964 all over again. well, we'll report, you decide. that is coming right up. [ female announcer ] from tracking the bus. ♪ to tracking field conditions. ♪ wireless is limitss. and i'm here to tell homeowners that are 62 and older about a great way to live a better retirement. it's called a reverse mortgage. [ male announcer ] call right now to receive your free dvd and booklet with no obligation. it answers questions like how a reverse mortgage works, how much you qualify for, the ways to receive your money, and more. plus, when you call now, you'll get this magnifier with l.e.d. light absolutely free. when you call the experts at one reverse mortgage today, you'll learn the benefits of a government-insured reverse mortgage. it will eliminate your monthly mortgage payments and give you tax-free cash from the equity in your
to the north. temperatures out the door will be chilly. 35. santa rosa. 34 in napa and 40's for the coast. 39 degrees in half moon bay. for the afternoon, some nice conditions in the south bay. 60s expected. 68 in cupertino. 60s also for the inland valleys and even 70's. '70s to concord, fairfield. we will see some 70's for the north bay, santa rosa, 73 in napa. a cooler day along the coast for this he breezes will continue for tomorrow. with a look at your extended forecast. more low 70's. those sea breezes are going to return. more cloud coverage and cooler temperatures. right now, the computer models are showing very light rainfall for sunday. we will keep you posted as we meet our way towards the workweek. >> gary: the warriors or involved in a brawl tonight. and usa basketball has looking for a new coach. city police officers are dead. along with one suspect. where tonight the neighborhood remains on lockdown. citywide manhunt. developing story. as the fast branciforte ave... ♪ roundup ♪ so i reach for roundup extended control ♪ ♪ with the all-new, no pump, one-touch wand ♪ ♪
to earn a decent wage are all on the line. >>> rosa parks' singular act launched a movement. >> it's a safe prediction to say the voting rights act as it stands is not going to survive. >> fired feet of those who walked the dusty roads of montgomery helped a nation see that to which it had once been blind. >> jim crowe's son, james crowe jr. esquire is still trying to do what his daddy did. and that's rob us from the right to vote. >> it was seen fit that the united states had to codify, had to put in law that what was given to us as freed slaves. >> there are still those in this country that want to take us back to another period. but we're not going back. >> because of these men and women that i stand here today. ♪ >>> good afternoon. and it is a very busy wednesday. with just 48 hours to prevent a series of devastating cuts that will certainly slow down our economic recovery and may even tip the nation back into recession. but we begin this hour with a moment which proves that the good folk of the nation's capitol have no sense of irony whatsoever. almost 60 years after rosa p
. another view from our camera showing clear skies and more readings. 64 degrees in santa rosa. 69 in napa and fairfield. taking a look at the temperatures trend over the next week for san jose, representative of what much of the bay area will see over next week. upper 60s, mid-70s by friday. back down to a mere 70 degrees on saturday. and then, mid to upper 60s next several days headed into next week this, is the kind of week we have in store. but we still may get a little bit of rain into mid week. we can see a wrinkle developing. i'll show you that in the accu-weather forecast. >> still ahead at 4:00 lesson learned. a florida teenager flipped off a judge appears to have straight yend up her act. >> fans of the who get to go to a concert paid for three decades ago. >> 49ers stadium going to be solar powered but it zrnt a roof. where are they going to put solar panels? we'll answer that question and several others still to come on abc 7 news. >> it's a good question. let's take a look at the commute now. a live look at the skyway in downtown. it's normal crawl bumper to bumper left to rig
blanca rosa vilches nos informa. >>el doctor jorge verea conversa con nosotros no como médico, sino como padre de una joven que murió en un accidente vehicular. >>un vehículo con un joven al volante puede ser un arma cargad, como ocurrio con mi hija >>esa noche el vehiculo iba conducido por un joven. >>ella llevaba su cinturón de seguridad, pero el carro iba a exceso de velociad, toda la fuerza del impacto cayó sobre ella >>hay incremento de 20% de accidentes que involucran a jóvenes de 16 a 27 años. >>es un desafio que están haciendo sobre su persona, al maximo que puedan llegar y reírse de la autoridad. >>el 30% es por consumo de alcohol, pero enviar textos mientras se conduce, ha contribuido a este aumetno >>pese al esfuerzo, la poblacion adolescente sigue siendo la más vulnerable por lo que se necesitan campañas más agresivas para protegerlso >>de alguna manera méxico acompañara cada paso de papa benedicto xvi tras su retiro, le diremos por que >>le mostramos video de un aerostatico que <>>el papa benedicto xvi estuvo empacando para dar comienzo a su retiro dentro de el
, 43 in oakland, 46 san francisco. 36 santa rosa so still chilly in some areas. 74 santa rosa for tomorrow mid 70s in napa. upper 60s for berkeley, oakland. low 60s san francisco. low 70s concord, antioch, into livermore you're looking at 69 for tomorrow. 66 san jose. 68 greece in santa cruz. the extended forecast there, the up warde trend will continue thursday, friday looking good, and into the weekend not bad. partly cloudy skies. the cooler day will be sunday. gasia. >>> seek sing dancing and controversial oscar hostset macfarlane said he won't host the award show again. his brand of humor seems to have offended some women's jewish and african american group. he made this statement on twitter when asked by a follower if he'd host again he said, quote, no way. a lot of fun to have doeven it, though. >>> thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. i'm gasia mikaelian, and our coverage continues with 10:00 news. tonight we are following the shooting in santa cruz that killed two police officers. we're always here for you at ktvu.com. t
into tomorrow morning. we're going to see numbers starting off in the upper 30s for santa rosa. 38 in san rafael. also 35 in napa. 40 in san jose. and 39 in the almaden valley. by tomorrow afternoon, numbers are going to be going up, even getting a little warmer for some of you. gilroy expecting 70. 67 in los gatos. close to 70 in san jose and 69 in sunnyvale. for the east bay, temperatures also in the upper 60s to near 70 degrees here for a lot of the tri-valley. 69 in dublin. 67 in pleasanton. 67 in the castro valley. and we do think we'll get very close, if not hit 70 degrees in fairfield. we'll also see a few 70s right up into wine country. napa expecting 71. santa rosa 70. san rafael 70. and cooler at the coast. if you're headed to bodega bay or half moon bay 59 to 67. we were at the cinequest film festival. it's going to be happening for the next 13 days. if you want to head out there and you're going to tomorrow, let's say, clear skies and temperatures in the upper 50s throughout the evening hours. now this is a very huge event, 44 countries represented. 600 plus visiting film artists. yo
francisco. chilly 34 in santa rosa. as we head in toward the afternoon, got high pressure out here but kind of a flat ridge so we are going to see some high clouds drift across the ridge from time to time but otherwise that ridge is going to start to strengthen especially in the next couple of days as temperatures are going to be warming up. on the warm side this afternoon, average temperatures usually in the low to mid-60s. we'll be about 69 in concord. 68 in san jose. 62 san francisco. wouldn't be surprised if we saw another 70-degree temperature outside, lids bet. that wouldn't bother you, right? >> no. we like the 70s. breaking news in san francisco. streets blocked at 15th and wawona where there's a water main break. use the main drag of west portal. overnight roadwork could slow you down in livermore. eastbound 580 to greenville should wrap up by 11 a.m. westbound 580 slow out of the altamont pass. but the real bulk of the morning commute starts later. elsewhere here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. no major problems. they should
to 29 degrees in fairfield. 32 freezing in santa rosa. this afternoon well into the 60s and low 70s. even warmer through friday, cooling off a few more clouds for the weekend. >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by macy's. >>> martha stewart needed money and jc penney gave it to her. that led to a lawsuit by macy's. now they're all in court. now we'll show you how the battle is becoming personal. >>> north korea, the most closed off country if there the world is opening up to former nba bad boy dennis rodman. >> i got invited to come over and have some fun and i'm hoping that you know there'll be some fun. >> we'll show you the connection between rodman and north korea's new leader. >>> plus consumer reports reveals the best new cars 200613. on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by reeses pieces. perfectly fun. chili's lunch break combos start at just 6 bucks. so ditch the brown bag for something better. like our bacon ranch quesadillas or big mouth burger bites, served with soup or salad, and fries
and democratic leaders coming together to unveil civil rights icon rosa parks, all pulling in the same direction. the partisan tug-of-war over. >> mr. president, you honor us with your presence. thank you for being here. >> reporter: but this bipartisan moment was just that. a moment. here's the senate leaders going at it just 45 minutes earlier. >> he wasn't elected to work with the congress he want. he was elected to work with a congress he had. >> republicans are too busy fighting among themselves to unite behind a course so they are instead doing nothing. zero. >> reporter: the president did ask congressional leaders to the white house to discuss forced spending cuts for their first face-to-face meeting that republicans call devastating. but the invitation is for friday, the same day those cuts kick in. democrats came to the president's defense. why wait so long? >> well, look, it is entirely within the purview of congress to pass legislation and send it to the president. so actually the real question is, why isn't john boehner reaching out to harry read, sitting down with nancy pelosi and m
the voting rights act was being challenged at the supreme court today, up on capitol hill the work of rosa parks was being honored. there it is. a statue of parks will sit in statutory hall. the first statue committed by congress in 140 years actually. president obama paid tribute to rosa parks. let's listen to the president. >> rosa parks' single act of disobedience laumpbled a movement. the tired feet of those who walked the dusty roads of montgomery helped a nation see that to which it had once been blind. it is because of these men and women that i stand here today. >> well, her statue will be there forever now. >> it will be and it should be. we can't forget where we came from. we've been on a long struggle in this country to try and have racial equality, live up to our promise. the voting rights act is one of the key things that helped us get to where we are. let's not stop now. >> gene? >> i can't put it better than that. >> thanks for joining us. >>> coming up, look what's happening to the public's perception about guns. a sharp increase. that's good. in the number of people that w
61 degree hz santa rosa. here is what is coming up. we're looking at another mild day tomorrow. extra clouds around on thursday. as you look apacific satellite it's a same set up. we have a blocking ridge. so storms stay north. here is animation of what is coming up. tomorrow, high clouds just passing through bait area like today. by thursday plairkts cloudy conditions for thursday that holds temperatures down. tomorrow morning temperatures mid to upper 30s in the valleys lynnland. you know the routine. look at highs. 67 degrees in san jose. 69 santa cruz. 66 palo alto. coastside 58 degrees. 62 daily city. mid to upper 50s coast side. 65 at clear lake. east bay communities 65 oakland inland areas. 63 san ramone. here is the accu-weather forecast. sunshine, mild weather tomg, spring fever by friday. will he to mid-70s showing up. cooler into saturday and sunday. tuesday just fast forwarding there is a slight chance of rain yes. computer models hinting a possibility you may need umbrellas by tuesday. i'm sandhya patel. >> thank you so much. >> and just ahead a homeless man strikes it ri
were on the warm side. plenty of 60s and low 70s. 36234 santa rosa tomorrow. tomorrow is a lot like what we had today. highs for tomorrow, add 3 degrees. temperatures tomorrow, some mid 70s. lots of upper 60s because of this high pressure that i showed you. the secret stream going north sending rain and snow in the cascades. this high stays with us. the air sinks, the air warms. the air produces temperatures like these. atomorrow up in napa. 73 in pairfield. 74 in antioch with 68 in oakland. unreasonably warm weather as we head into your bay area wednesday. cooler start with mild days. forecast, very dry. we're not seeing a lot in the way. as you look in the 5 day, there is nothing here. the next five i have being yellow as well. not looking at any significant rain headed our way. i guess you enjoy it while it lasts. hope the rain starts getting together pretty soon here. >> let's hope so. thank you, bill. >>> today is an especially proud day for all of us here atk . oakland mayor has declared today rita williams day in the city. rita is retiring from ktvu after 35 years. we can say
mostly sunny, occasional high cloud, gorgeous day. 64 in san francisco. up to 68 napa and santa rosa and 67 in cloverdale and out toward concord and san jose. 67 degrees and palo alto 66 and near 70-degree weather for santa cruz. here is a look at your accu-weather forecast. we are looking at sunny and mild conditions tomorrow. temperatures are going up. by friday low to mid70s for most of the bay area with the exception of the coast. a little cooler on saturday, but it is a bigger drop on sunday. now tuesday is what i want to draw your attention to. it is not only cooler, but the computer models are bringing in a better chance of seeing some rain around here. it could spill over into wednesday. abc7 news has another great weather resource for you. follow live doppler 7hd on twitter for the latest bay area weather conditions. rain or shine. carolyn and dan? >> we will do it. thank you so much. >> time for sports. >> larry beil is here. >> the small and trapy -- strapy warriors meet the pacers. curry was tossed around. people with sore throats have something new to say. ahh ! mmm ! ah
those testifying today. >>> the late civil rights heroine rosa parks will live on at the u.s. capitol. a statue of parks was delivered last week. will be unveiled as part of the national statutory hall. president obama will speak at the dedication ceremony. >>> happy birthday the former first daughter and fellow nbc newser chelsea clinton turns 33 today. >>> all day long you can stay on top of the very latest developments on those stories and the best political analysis on msnbc. and tonight, be sure to watch "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. >>> and, finally, here's a look at what's coming up later this morning on the "today" show. it's a real life treasure hunt, hear about a man who buries a chest filled with gold in the mountains but not before living some clues behind. >>> and donald and ivanka trump live in studio this morning to talk about return of ""celebrity apprentice" all-stars." >>> now keep it on this channel for continuing local news, weather, sports and more. i'm richard lui along with bill karins. thanks for watching "early today." just your first stop of the day
and livermore. santa rosa, 62. downtown san francisco in the upper 50s at 58. for today, a few high clouds. we'll warm things up for thursday and friday. friday will be the warmest day of the week. saturday and sunday will be cooler. between now and then, high pressure in full command of our weather,ing the storm track up to the north. as a result, no rainfall in our forecast, you will notice for thursday and friday, mild temperatures, mostly sunny skies, at least by friday, we're talking about some lower 70s, around 72 to 74 degrees as we say hello to march on march 1st. here is our cloud and rainfall forecast model. a few high clouds throughout the afternoon hours. another batch first thing tomorrow morning, you will notice rain showers up to the north. pretty much the same deal throughout the day on thursday. our next chance of some rain, that could be about a week from now. the latest forecast models is kind of converging toward that idea. we'll be watching out for that in about a week from today. the first thing in the morning hours of wednesday morning next week. temperatures this aftern
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degrees in santa rosa right now and in napa and 51 in gilroy. the forecast features are looking very much lake they lacked all week long. another mild day. few extra cloud on thursday. warmth on friday. we have it already but even warmer. that will be the warmest day in the 7 day forecast period. now the stooit satellite image as we animate it from 12 hours ago up to now shows movement of cold front pushing into the pacific northwest. cloud ahead of the front and some moisture as wel well. storm however are going to mainly stay north through the weekend. north of the bay area. we see few cloud coming in but no precipitation. start the forecast animation at 11:00 o'clock tonight. notice how the system moves eastward. tomorrow and into thursday. moisture stays well to our north. get some clouds moving to the bay area tomorrow night and into thursday so thursday will be partly cloudy but even the presence of the cloud will not inhibit the warm-up. overnight tonight though cool down. see low pressure dropping into the mid 30's and inland valley of the north and east bay and drop
, and mount tamalpais shows angel island and back to oakland and santa rosa and fairfield and gilroy, freezing, and we have mid-to-upper 30's around concord and napa and los gatos. it is slightly cooler than it was yesterday. but go outside and see if you can find frost. there is not much out there. the ground is too dry. so is the air. we are abnormally dry like you needed to know that. i tweeted the word "off to a report start" as far as cold weather and that is on our site. the warmest days are tomorrow, friday, and saturday. in the south by we have 66 to 68 degrees. and santa clara at 68. mid-60's on the peninsula and milbrae at 61. upper 60's and breezing along the coast. high clouds and sunshine over our neighborhoods after starting off sunny, and 60 in downtown, and 61 in south san francisco, and 62 in sausalito and mid-to-upper 60's in the north bay, and 64 or 65 along the east bay shore with mid-to-upper 60's in the east bay valley. tonight the cloud cover keeps us in the upper 30's to low 40's inland and mid-to-upper 40's around the bay and coast. high pressure is dominating our weat
rosa parks. parks made history when she challenged segregation laws by refusing to give up her seat on the bus. she is the first african american woman to have a statue at the capitol. >>> let's check in with sal. >> we have a little bit of slow traffic here and there. things are beginning to get a little more crowded. let's take a look at these pictures highway 4 you can see traffic here. also the morning commute is big delay at the toll plaza. 15-20 minutes. no problems getting on to the bridge. those metering lights were turned on a little bit ago. on the peninsula the traffic looks good. let's go to steve. >>> thank you, sal. we start off with clear skies. a lot of high clouds will drift in today. it will still be mild to warm. temperatures starting off 30s and 40s. calm conditions yesterday. 30s low, mid to 40s. temperatures they will rebound. that northeast breeze was much stronger yesterday. today it's still a component of it. forecast calls for sunny. partly cloudy and sunny. it will be nice to warm. another cloud cover comes in saturday and then a cool down on sunday. >>> o
to give up her seat on a montgomery, alabama bus, the civil rights pioneer, rosa parks makes history again becoming the first african-american woman to have a statue in the capital. >> rosa parks singular act of disobedience launched a movement. the tired feet of those who walked the roads of montgomery helped a nation see that to which it had once been blind. >> at the same time, across the way at the supreme court, conservative justices signal the landmark 1965 voting rights act may have outlived its time. veterans say it's still critical. >> there's still forces in this country that want to take us back to another period. we are not going back. we have come too far. we made too much progress to go back. >>> in rome today, a farewell message from the pope as 150,000 people packed st. peter's square to witness history before pope benedict steps down tomorrow. >>> tackling gun violence. the father of a sandy hook victim. >> it's hard to be here to talk about my son, but i have to. i'm his voice. i'm not here for the sympathy and a pat on the back as many people stated down in newtown. i'm
rosa parks at the capital across the street from the supreme court. congressman john lewis who in 1965 was at the head of a bloody sunday march in selma, alabama that helped bring about the voting rights act and gave a passioned speech in defense of the law. >> still forces in this country that will want to go back. we are not going back. we need section five and that's why we are here today standing up for the voting rights of all americans. we must never give up. never give in. never give out. >> pete williams has been there all day. pete, for congressman lewis and others, the conservative justices are missing the point that this is not about registration and turn out and polling places being move and other issues. >> for the justices, the question is when the congress reenacted the law of 2006, did it adjust the formula for covering states enough so that it reflects current reality. it's clear that they are concerned that the law is too backwards and doesn't take into account changes today. the liberal justices did their best to defend it and kagan said over half of the discriminati
's activist rosa parks inside the u.s. capitol. and on c-span 3, a house hearing from today looking at the impact of friday's automatic spending cuts on the federal aviation administration. it's all tonight on the c-span networks starting at 8:00 eastern. president barack obama meets on friday with the top leaders in the house and senate to talk about the $85 billion in automatic spending cuts called the sequester that go into effect friday. also at that white house meeting, house speaker john boehner, senate democratic leader harry reid, senate republican leader mitch mcconnell and house democratic leader nancy pelosi. the sequester led the white house briefing today. education secretary arne duncan was there and warned of the impact of the upcoming automatic spending cuts to education programs. >> come on. good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. good morning, still. thank you for being here. as you can see, we have with us today the secretary of education, arne duncan. you saw him probably over the weekend where he discussed the impacts of sequestration if that takes place on areas
. >> hey bill. good morning everyone. dc is unveiling a new statue of rosa parks today. : this will be the first full-size depiction of any african-american. the capitol does have busts of martin luther king, jr. and sew journer truth. congressional's leaders are saying it's a watershednent our history. >>> the president is speaking and answering questions at the business council dinner in d.c. obama is voicing his opinion on chuck hagel's long-awaited confirmation saying the u.s. has the secretary that our troops deserve. it was close but lawmakers did confirm hagel 58 to 41. he is scheduled to be sworn in today. that means hagel now heads into office with a list of challenges ahead. first up, the sequester hits friday friday. without a deal, the defense department is facing about $46,000,000,000 in cuts before the end of september. that means hundreds of thousands of furloughed civilians and cuts that will affect military equipment and ness. hagel will also need to deal with getting the troops out of afghanistan and compromising with rep
, midnight friday, they are standing together today. there she is, to honor civil rights icon rosa parks. president obama, congressional leaders, and more than 50 of her relatives gathered there at the capital to unveil this bronze statue of miss parks. it is nine feet tall. she is the first black woman to be honored with a statue there. >> rosa parks' singular act of disobedience launched a movement. the tired feet of those who walked the dusty roads of montgomery helped a nation see that to which it had once been blind. it is because of these men and women that i stand here today. it is because of them that our children grow up in a land more free. >> rosa parks broke the law. that was back on december 5th, 1955, when she refused to give up her seat to a white passenger on a crowded bus back in montgomery, alabama. actually stood in line for quite a while to get to meet and shake hands with miss parks when i was in high school, back in atlanta. gogoose pumps. >>> coming up, a 6-year-old girl banned from using the girl's restroom at her elementary school. why? because she was born a boy
for rosa parks commemorating her civil rights fight. christine from delaware. caller: hi. i want to say i have been listening to them talk about releasing illegals that they already have detained before this sequester even hit. if they do releas the illegals go off and murder an american citizen, obama should be held responsible for that. that is an impeachable offense. he is doing that to harm the americans. host: here is the headline in 'usa today." are st.e house andn ic ice it is all about budget cuts. we will talk about sequestration for food safety and transportation. robert in california, good morning. caller: good morning. thank you for c-span. you educate me every time i watch. we are all americans and we should stick together. how does the world look at us? we are supposed to be the greatest country in the world. i do not get it. they are not doing their job. they are causing this country to be embarrassed to the world. host: a comment on twitter from fred. "what programs the is the president want to cut?" another comment on twitter about chuck hagel. rory from florida is our ne
. sonoma at 72. concord at 71.cords osetback in >> mid '30's if you are in napa. santa rosa 48 in the city 41 in hayward. >> future cast 4 tracks the numbers drop the day. by 12 mainly green on your screen indicating tippers in the '60s. we will see upper 50s--temperatures in the '60s. >> by 8:00 p.m. most locations back into the low 50s. i want to focus my attention on your afternoon highs. a lot of people looking for to today. clear skies, sunshine. vallejo at 71. 70 in concord. upper 60s for pleasanton and antioch. 66 in hayward. mid-50s in daly city. the kron 47 day around the bay forecast shows friday is expect to be the warmest day of the week. we could see changes in to the weekend. light rain is possible. a 10 percent chance. we are back in the sunshine and mild conditions as we start the next work week. >> in the traffic center no hot spots. road work is being picked up at the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is also building. not seeing any way at the pay gates. speeds are better up the incline and across the upper deck. >> at the san mateo bridge or good in both di
for the next several days. highs tomorrow, mid-60s, 66 for concord. san jose 66. oakland 65. santa rosa 65. san francisco tomorrow 61 degrees. couple of degrees added on thursday. a few more on friday first day of march we'll be in the 70s. weekend looks pleasant. partly sunny on sunday, mid- 60s. and no rain until next tuesday. could see a few showers next tuesday but the next six days more of the same. good weather to get outside with the family. enjoy it. >> thank you. >>> very kind man. he taught me how to have fun, be responsible. >> a newspaper worker died a month after he was attacked. how complete strangers are paying tribute to long-time "chronicle" vendor. >> kpix 5 the official television station for the bay bridge opening ceremony. we are counting down the days until the new eastern span opens in september. land o' lakes spreadable butter with canola oil is made with sweet cream, canola oil and salt. just three simple ingredients. what's in your spread? (sir can-a-lot) good day, ma' lady. i am sir can-a-lot here to save you from another breakfas
to freezing in some of the valleys now. 32 degrees in santa rosa. 39 in san jose. and 46 degrees in san francisco. high pressure overhead a flat ridge so from time to time, we'll see a couple of occasional passing high clouds but that's about as bad as it's going to get today. this afternoon will be something else. really on the warm side. temperatures usually in the low to mid-60s. upper 60s, maybe even some low 70s today. expecting about 69 in concord, about 68 in san jose, and 62 in san francisco. that is a very nice day ahead. let's check on traffic now with elizabeth. >> things are getting busy now over the bay bridge toll plaza. no metering lights, but obviously some delays in those cash lanes. over at the san mateo bridge, problem-free both directions across the span. and let's get quickly to our maps. we have been watching this breaking news in san francisco's west portal neighborhood. the streets are still closed at 15th and wawona. huge water main break. water was seen racing down the street and it formed a puddle flight that area. that
in santa rosa, 41 in san jose. 46 in san francisco. 37 degrees in livermore. a flat ridge of high pressure sitting overhead and because it's flat keeping the jet stream to the north but from time to time, we are going to see a few passing high clouds. that will be the worst that we see today. temperatures are going to be impressive on the warm side again usually in low to mid- 60s. by this afternoon, upper 60s wouldn't be surprised if we saw 70 outside. about 68 in san jose. 62 in san francisco and sunny and 69 degrees in concord. more on your weather coming up. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. and outside, here's a live look at the san mateo bridge moving fine in both directions. over at the bay bridge they just picked up a lot of overnight roadwork that was in lanes heading towards the pay gates and on the upper deck. we can show you a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. a lot of overnight roadwork has been picked up now that we're past 5:00. let's go to the maps. we have been watching the breaking news on city
and danville and pleasanton. mainly sunny skies for mill valley, 62 for you. santa rosa 65 and daly city and south city coming in right around 60 degrees. milder on thursday and -- mild isn't good enough for 70s. warmer on friday. right around 70 on saturday. then we'll cool off a bit to the mid-60s. and there is a slight chance of a shower next tuesday. this is a dry pattern and this is not changing. >> we're in it. >> we are smack-dab in the middle of it >> thank you. we'll be right back. billion dollar budget cuts. as c-b-s reporter danielle nottingham shows us... if lawmakers don't reach a deal by friday, you could be paying the price. ((roll pkg)) p >>> president obama hit the trail to discuss the automatic spending cuts. >> reporter: president obama warned workers at virginia's newport news shipyard they may have to stay home without pay if congress doesn't step in to stop automatic spending cuts. >> this work along with hundreds of thousands of jobs are currently in jeopardy because of politics in washington. >> reporter: the cuts set to kick in
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